1. General

  1. Operator of the service S.C
  2. The service fullfills acquisition of piece of information about users and their behavior by:
    1. freely inscribed info forms pieces of informations.
    2. saving in final devices cookie files
    3. gathering logs of the server www by host operator S.C under link 35-101 Rzeszów Staroniwska St 73

2. Pieces of information in forms.

  1. Service is gathering the pieces of information that are given freely by users.
  2. Besides service can save pieces of information about parametrs of link (link, IP address)

  3. Database in form are not shared to other objects without the user’s agreement.
  4. Database given in form can stand for a set of potential clients, registers by the operator of the service in the record lead by Generalny Inspektor Ochrony Danych Osobowych.
  5. Database given in form are being processed in the aim of a certain form, e.g to report or to contact.
  6. Database given in forms can be transferred to objects that realize technical a services – mostly it’s connected with transferring the information about the owner of the registered domain to objects that are the operators of domains (NASK) services that attend payments or other objects, that Operator of the service is cooperating with.

3. Cookies.

  1. Service is using cookies.
  2. Cookies are computer database, text files mostly, that are in the final device of the user and are to use websites of the service. Cookies usually contain the name of the website they are form, time of storing and unique number.
  3. The objects that puts cookies into final device is the operator of the service.
  4. Cookies are being used to:
    1. create statistics that help understand how the users profit websites what helps improve the structure and (Piwik is used)
  5. Service is using 2 types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are meanwhile files that are stared on final device of the user till logging out, leaving the website or turning it off. Persistent cookies are stored in final device of the user by the time removing them.
  6. Software of looking through websites lets storing cookies in final device of the user. The users can change settings within. Software lets removing cookies. Its’ also possible to block cookies. For more information look up “Help”.
  7. Limit of using cookies doesn’t impact on functions shared on websites of the service.
  8. Cookies stored on final device are not used by commercials.
  9. We recommended to read about Piwik privacy to know rules of using cookies profited in Web Analytics Privacy in Piwik

4. Logs.

  1. Pieces of information about behavior of users are logged in server. Database are used only to manage and ensure the service’s host is officient.
  2. Resourced are identified by URL. Furthermore can be saved:
    1. the time of coming a question,
    2. the time of sending an answer,
    3. the name client’s station – identification is realized by HTTP protocole,
    4. pieces of information about mistakes that had been made during HTTP transaction,
    5. URL of website previously seen by the user (refer link)- in case of going through the service was by a reference,
    6. pieces of information about software,
    7. pieces of information about IP.

5. Sharing database.

  1. Database are being shared to external objects only in law ranges.
  2. Database enabling identification a person are shared only with the person’s agreement.
  3. Operator may have a duty to inform about the things gathered by the service to authorities.

Managment of cookies- how to agree and disagree in practise?

  1. If the user doesn’t want to receive cookies can change the settings of the software. We stipulate that turning off cookies may hinder or make impossible use www websites
  2. To manage cookies choose from the list below software and follow the instructions: