Terms and conditions

1. General

1.1. This document defines terms and conditions of reservation and services provided by Escape Plan Al. Jerozolimskie 57, Warsaw, Poland, NIP 7010436754.

1.2. Each participant is obliged to read and confirm this document before booking and playing the Game.


2.1. Booking can be made on-line at www.escapeplan.pl,, calling +48 690 280 485 and personally at Aleje Jerozolimskie 57, 00-697 Warsaw.

2.2. To proceed on-line reservation you have to choose „BOOKING” button and:

  1. choose the Room/Game,
  2. choose date and hour of the booking,
  3. give personal data of one of participants (name, surname, e-mail or phone number),
  4. choose payment details (cash/voucher),
  5. accept Terms and conditions of Escape Plan,
  6. make the reservation with the button „Continue”.

2.3. The participant who made the booking will receive and e-mail confirmation on the address that was given in the form on the webpage. The confirmation will be sent within 5 minutes after booking the date. Booking confirmation will include:

  1. City,
  2. Room name,
  3. Reservation date,
  4. Reservation time,
  5. Confirmation link.


3.1. Payment is accepted only in cash or voucher.

3.2. Prices on www.escapeplan.pl are gross prices.


4.1. You can buy Voucher in Escape Plan host while opened. You can only pay in cash.

4.2. Voucher can be used during the 3 months since the date of buying into a random room in Escape Plan

4.3. There’s no possibility to overdue Voucher.

5. General rules of game

5.1. The minimum age to play is 16. Participants in 16-18 are obligated to play with one adult person and with permission of the legal representative (a parent, a guardian) The pattern of the permission is writing is available in the fold “Permission of the legal representative”.

5.2. Before play it’s necessary to prove the age of the participant (ID CARD)

5.3. To confirm a representative you are to come at least 15 minutes before the game. The time of being late is a Game timer.

5.4. Game lasts 60 minutes. There’s no possibility overdue.

5.5. Game is recorded. Records can be used only connected with safety.

5.6. Participants are responsible for a damages in Escape Plan rooms.

6. Safety rules

6.1. In Escape Plan game cannot take part people that suffer from claustrophobia, epilepsy, mental clues, vascular diseases or any other conditions to which the Game could have a negative effect or to endanger the health or life a participant.

6.2. Escape Plan S.C is not responsible for feeling worse while game.

6.3. It’s forbidden to use the Escape Plan services under drugs, alcohol and boosters.

6.4. It’s forbidden to bring any dangerous things (knives, firearms etc) to Escape Plan room.

6.5. During the game using call phones and any other recordings devices is prohibited.

6.6. To the Escape Plan game rooms you are not allowed to bring any valuables. Participants shall protect personal belongings. Escape Plan S.C is not responsible for any damage or harm.

6.7. It’s forbidden to bring animals to game rooms.

6.8. Smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, boosters is prohibited.

6.9. In case of violation of the provisions of theseregulations and safety rules, as well as not applications to this regard of the game moderator a participants may be removed. Participant is not entitled to a refund.

6.10. Escape Plan S.C is not responsible for damages of participants’ fault. Its contains harms made in case of not behaving with regulations..

6.11. In the absence of these regulations shall apply the relevant provision of the civil code.